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A Virtuous Growth Engine for COMESA

Boosting Trade Links

African Trade Exchange Group or ATEG (in development) is a private membership exchange that's ushering a new era of digital commerce, equitable partnership and cooperation built on three main pillars:


1) Digital Free Trade Area (DFTA)


2) Digital Trade-in Service (DTS)


3) African Digital Asset Framework (ADAF)


Our Mission

It's simple: To sustainably double intra-COMESA trade & investment by the end of 2025. Intra-COMESA trade is currently 8% of total trade compared to intra-Africa's average of 15%. Globally, America trades at 47% with Asia and Europe at 61% & 67%. This stagnation has empowered our flagship platform, AfriTrade.com to drive up the volume by streamling agriculture trade promotion, facilitation, financing and infrastructure investment.


By reimagining our trade links, we can virtually tag the untapped potential of COMESA's DFTA to accelerate growth opportunities starting with the agriculture & renewable energy nexus. AfriTrade's eTrade+ engine will include components built with co-development partners with incentives to drive deeper integration, develop value chains and leverage digitization to improve the implementation of COMESA Programmes.


Our goal is to fully digitize the exchange of ATEG-listed companies, digital assets, and frameworks with participating trade and investment groups. This enable our ecosystem to produce virtuous backward & forward integration with real-time Stakeholders engagement.


ATEG's upcoming listings, group intrapreneurship & investment programs are incentivized to facilitate this very mission.


Road to 2030 & 2063

AfriTrade by ATEG's long-term vision is carried out by forward-thinking intrapreneurs who are not afraid to pioneer new ways to deliver inclusive & integrated markets. More importantly, to collectively meet the United Nation's 2030 SDGs and the vision of African Union's Agenda 2063, The Africa We Want.


Blockchain eCo-System

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, AfriTrade.com is mandated to deploy Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) as its core record-keeping solution for exchanging electronic Certificate of Origin (eCo) and other trade-related documents. This group directive provides a newly added food safety measure for agri-inputs, agro commodities & distribution network by providing further supply chain visibility for our trading partners and end consumers.


Commercializing Farmers

As we re-tool our markets for the post-pandemic future, food insecurity, fake agriculture seeds/inputs and its informal distribution systems have stood out as our top priority area to urgently address. To turn this around, we're developing smart supply chains from scratch with investment incentives. The purpose behind this initiative is to cultivate bankable agriculture-related projects with value-added or export component into the ecosystem.


ATEG is putting in place digital tools to help transition informal small-scale traders (estimated at 40% by the UN) into trained, & formalized Members of Trade Agency Groups under COMESA's Simplified Trade Regime (STR). After making their formal switch, AfriTrade will than issue Members NametagID (digital KYC system) before being mainstreamed to our exchange for direct market access, along with trade promotion, facilitation, and finance services.


Localized trade groups can be very valuable Stakeholders & contributing intrapreneurs for boosting farmer's yields, expand exports and linking farmholders with production networks as well as forming their own eCo-ops. They also have opportunities to become bulk purchasers of farm inputs distributors for their domestic markets.


Our Common Mantra:

Let the farmers farm, traders trade, and miners mine their sustainable green gold.


Streamline Dealflow

ATEG's is working to pilot & aggregate agriculture value chains for commercial opportunities. We plan to effectively leverage A.I machine learning to enable future investors to gain direct insight into agro-led investments to predict profitable growth markets, supply/demands & down to basic needs.


Agro-led Exchange

We're introducing a new agro-centric asset exchange structured for small, medium and large-scale commercial transactions. Investors are invited to help fill trade & infrastructure finance gaps, co-invest in greenfield projects and private companies. Further downstream, we plan to offer DeFi yield farming to integrate unbanked & underbanked farming communities into bankable value chain participants.


We see a future where we can digitally empower Domestic, Diaspora, and foreign Direct Investment Groups to co-invest in commercializing agriculture opportunities, industries and communities for inclusive green growth. Our value-add exchange ensures new Members are fully supported with proper incentives to form or join investment group to fast-track their learning, contribution and earnings in the DFTA-enabled marketplaces.


Digitized Trading System

Our unique understanding of COMESA's development trends enables us to swiftly monetize our agro-led Automated Trading System (ATS) to jumpstart value chains, spur investments & advance open account receivables for bulk purchasers & growers. We're building an value-add exchange with limitless upside. Join us in defining a 21st century common market.


To subscribe to our upcoming private Initial Group Offerings (IGOs) or be among the first to implement intrapreneurship for your agribusiness, agritech, agrivoltaic and input company, write us at:


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Email: demo@ateg[.]io